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New Study Further Validates Loop Drainage Technique as Top Choice for Abscess Treatment

New Study Further Validates Loop Drainage Technique as Top Choice for Abscess Treatment

Marks a growing body of evidence with prospective randomized controlled trials comparing efficacy of a common Emergency Department procedure

AUSTIN, TX  October 30, 2020

Multiple studies have recently reported on abscess treatment for adults and children presenting in the Emergency Department (ED) with skin infections.  Abscesses are the 7th most common problem treated in Emergency Departments, with 1.4 million procedures performed to treat them every year in the U.S.  The standard abscess treatment, Incision and Drainage (I&D) accompanied by wound packing, is being challenged by the more efficient and effective Loop Drainage technique (LD).  Loop drainage allows the abscess to continue to drain after leaving the ED, avoiding repeat visits to the hospital and minimizing unnecessary antibiotic use.

A recent study, “A Randomized Controlled Trial of Novel Loop Drainage Technique vs Standard Incision and Drainage in the Treatment of Skin Abscesses”, from the Orlando Regional Medical Center in Orlando, FL was published in the Journal of Academic Emergency Medicine, August 2020.  A total of 217 adult and pediatric patients were enrolled at two Level 1 trauma centers over the course of 12 months.  The primary outcome of treatment failure was defined as hospital admission, IV antibiotic use, or repeat drainage within 10 days. Secondary outcomes were ease of procedure, ease of care, and pain and satisfaction.
Results showed:

  • Treatment failure in 20% of I&D patients, and 13% of LD patients overall
  • No significant difference in failure rates for adults, but a significant difference for children (21% failure for I&D vs 0% for LD ; p = 0.002)
  • Significantly less pain at follow-up in the LD group vs I&D group (p = 0.004)
  • Significantly higher satisfaction rates at 10 days post-procedure in the LD group vs I&D group (p = 0.005)
  • No significant difference for ease of procedure between the two groups

“This study further validates using the vessel loop technique for abscesses, particularly for children.  I learned this technique 10 years ago while rotating at a pediatric emergency department and have been using it ever since”, said Dr. John Dayton, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, Emergency Physician in Salt Lake City, UT. “Studies have shown that both adult and pediatric patients who receive loop drainage for abscesses have faster treatment times, lower recurrence rates, higher patient satisfaction scores, and minimal scarring.  The technique can also eliminate the need for painful wound packing and multiple visits to the hospital, and should be widely adopted for treatment of skin abscesses.”  

“We are thrilled to see the clinical science that validates the use of the loop drainage technique and quantifies its efficacy”, said Patrick Kothe, CEO of EM Device Labs of Austin, TX.  “We believe the consistent and growing evidence greatly benefits patients with abscesses, including outstanding clinical outcomes and less pain, in fewer visits. This not only frees up hospital space and limits patient exposure during the time of a pandemic, but also serves ED staff members with a reliable, more efficient treatment.

EM Device Labs of Austin, TX has developed an innovative solution for the loop drainage procedure with their Quickloop Abscess Treatment device, scheduled to launch in early 2021.  Quickloop features a needle with a patented cutting blade, attached to drainage and irrigation tubing that can be flushed and fully locked before safely securing it to the patient.  The Quickloop procedure takes about 3 minutes with no extra supplies needed, and no return visits to the hospital.  Quickloop is uniquely positioned to headline the loop drainage space for abscess treatment next year.  For additional information, visit

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