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EM Device Lab Announces US Launch of the Quickloop® Abscess Treatment Device

EM Device Lab Announces US Launch of the Quickloop® Abscess Treatment Device

An Advancement in Abscess Treatment that benefits clinicians, patients, and healthcare systems 

AUSTIN, TX  July 22, 2021

EM Device Lab of Austin, TX announces the U.S. market launch of the Quickloop Abscess Treatment Device, which will make a common procedure more effective, less painful and more cost effective. Quickloop employs the loop drainage technique, which has been clinically validated to reduce treatment failures by 42% compared to the traditional Incision & Drainage technique (I&D), and significantly reduce procedure pain. Additionally, clinicians find the Quickloop device takes significantly less time, and provides for a much easier technique than any they have previously used.
Quickloop was designed to provide better clinical outcomes but also to alleviate the need for the painful wound packing that is used with the standard I&D procedure, thereby eliminating up to five patient revisits to their clinician. The time and cost savings are measurable and meaningful in today’s health care environment.
“This is a very exciting time for our company, millions of abscess patients, and their health care providers in the United States,” said Patrick Kothe, CEO of EM Device Lab. “It’s so gratifying to bring this unique product to the medical community to provide patients superior clinical results and a more effective, less painful experience. We set out on a mission five years ago to solve universally recognized problems with abscess treatment and designed a solution that will change the standard of care. EM Device Lab is proud to be the first and only company to provide a comprehensive and simple solution for loop abscess treatment, and we believe Quickloop will become the new gold standard.”
EM Device Lab of Austin, TX provides an innovative solution for the loop drainage procedure with the Quickloop Abscess Treatment Device. The patented Quickloop device features a needle with a cutting blade, attached to drainage and irrigation tubing that can be flushed and fully locked, safely securing it to the patient. The Quickloop takes only minutes to implement, with no extra supplies needed, and no return visits to the hospital or clinician.
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