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Healthcare providers who treat skin abscesses have many factors and challenges to consider with their patients - whether it's an adult who presents with a painful abscess in a sensitive area, or a scared child with an unsightly abscess being escorted by their parent.

These patients all look to you for an effective treatment. Additionally, you are mindful of the need for efficient care within your practice setting to relieve congestion in the waiting and procedure rooms, maximize provider time, and deliver cost effective care. 

EM Device is here to partner with healthcare providers and their patients by providing the Quickloop – a quick, effective, less painful, all-in-one tool to treat abscesses in just one visit. We hope you will find it useful in your practice, and it leads to better results and  happier patients.


Benefits of Quickloop

Treatment Failure

Reduce return visit

Return Visits

Less Pain


Reduce Treatment Failure

Patient Experience

Less Pain
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