Newer / Proven Quickloop Technique

A newer, simpler and more effective way to treat abscesses is called the Quickloop technique

abscess treatment

The doctor pokes a hole in your abscess and pulls a tube from one side to the other. The ends of the tube are attached, forming a loop. The pus drains out of the small holes around the tube. The doctor flushes fluid through the tube to make sure all the pus is gone. The tube is removed when the abscess is healed.


  • Less painful procedure
  • Less painful after the procedure
  • Fewer or no follow-up visits with your doctor
  • Fewer treatment failures
  • Smaller scars


  • Quickloop is new and not so many doctors know about it.

“The I&D procedure is dominantly used today even though it is more invasive, often quite painful, and involves multiple trips back to the hospital for repacking of the wound. We’ve been using the loop procedure in lieu of I&D in my hospital for about 10 years, and it has dramatically improved the efficiency and quality of care we can provide to our patients in just one visit. We believe this should become the standard of care moving forward in all emergency departments.”

Matthew Wilkinson,
M.D. Associate Professor and Research Director at the UT Austin Dell Medical School Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship in Austin, TX, and the Chief Clinical Officer at EM Device Lab

Older Technique – Incision and Drainage

The older technique for treating an abscess is called Incision and Draining (I&D)

abscess treatment

The doctor makes a 1-2 inch cut across the abscess with a scalpel. The pus is drained, and gauze is placed inside the open wound. The gauze soaks up fluid as the abscess heals. It is removed and new gauze put in up to 5 times while the abscess heals. You may need to visit your doctor each time the gauze is changed.


  • Most doctors know about the I&D technique


  • Second most painful procedure in the ER
  • More painful care after the procedure
  • More treatment failures
  • More follow-up visits, costing time and money
  • Larger scars

Let your doctor know about Quickloop

Quickloop is a new product, and many doctors may not know about it. It was made with the help of hundreds of experienced ER doctors that have treated thousands of abscesses.

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