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Comprehensive Analysis Supports Loop Technique as Gold Standard for Abscess Treatment

Comprehensive Analysis Supports Loop Technique as Gold Standard for Abscess Treatment

EM Device Lab's Quickloop™ Abscess Treatment Device well-positioned for market entry

AUSTIN, TX  January 25, 2021
A study by Gottlieb, et al, “Comparison of the Loop Technique with Incision and Drainage for Skin and Soft Tissue Abscesses: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis” of 8 studies published over 9 years with 910 patients was recently published in the Journal of Academic Emergency Medicine to guide clinical management of abscess treatment.  This meta-analysis included several newly published large prospective randomized controlled trials that showed promising results in favor of the loop drainage technique.  It concluded that the loop drainage technique (LDT) was associated with reduced treatment failures when compared with conventional incision and drainage (CID), and describes the loop technique as less invasive, lower maintenance, and significantly less painful. 
Cutaneous abscesses represent one-third of all skin and soft tissue infections that present in the Emergency Department, and have a high likelihood of recurrence.  It has been called one of the most painful procedures performed in the Emergency Department.  Traditionally abscesses have been treated by cutting an incision over the affected area, draining the fluid, and packing the area with gauze.  This antiquated treatment has now shown repeatedly to be less effective, more time consuming, potentially more costly, and significantly more painful than the new gold standard of loop drainage.  
Results and Implications cited in the new meta-analysis:

  • LDT was associated with reduced treatment failures when compared to CID - 8.27% vs 14.17% respectively (Odds Ratio = 2.02, 95% CI 1.29 to 3.18)
  • LDT has demonstrated reduced number of return visits, which may reduce healthcare costs and indirect patient costs, such as lost wages from time off work 
  • Fewer treatment failures for LDT is an important patient-relevant outcome given the pain associated with the alternative CID treatment
  • LDT is more successfully performed in the Emergency Department setting vs requiring operative management
  • LDT has been suggested to have greater patient satisfaction and improved cosmetic outcome

“We are pleased to highlight this current and comprehensive analysis to the medical community that regularly treats cutaneous abscesses in an effort to help guide treatment plans for future patients presenting with this condition”, said Michael Gorn, M.D., FAAP, and Chief Medical Officer of EM Device Lab.  “The data over many years in a large series of both adult and pediatric patients consistently shows better results for those treated with the loop drainage technique, and we can now state with confidence it is a more successful procedure offering advantages to physicians, patients, and the healthcare system.”
“We are thrilled for our fellow emergency physicians and their patients that a clear front-runner is evident for the treatment of skin abscesses”, said Matthew Wilkinson, M.D., MPH, FAAP, FACEP, Associate Professor and Research Director at the UT Austin Dell Medical School Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship in Austin, TX, and the Chief Clinical Officer at EM Device Lab.  “I have seen first-hand in my own clinical practice and extensive abscess clinical research that the loop technique is superior for all involved, and should be widely adopted as the new gold standard for this patient population.  Everyone wins when you can treat patients faster with a higher success rate, and in most cases eliminate revisits.  Given the mounting consistent data, it is a big service to patients and facilities to utilize the loop technique moving forward.”
EM Device Lab of Austin, TX has developed an innovative solution for the loop drainage procedure with their Quickloop Abscess Treatment device, estimated to launch in early 2021.  Quickloop features a needle with a patented cutting blade, attached to drainage and irrigation tubing that can be flushed and fully locked before safely securing it to the patient.  The Quickloop procedure takes only minutes with no extra supplies needed, and no return visits to the hospital.  Quickloop is uniquely positioned to headline the loop drainage space for abscess treatment this year.
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